QNX Drivers for Iomega Zip Drive

Drivers available for:


QNX 2.2 Zip SCSI and Zip Parallel

QNX 4.+ Zip Parallel

Note: The parallel drivers also work the 1Gig Iomega Jaz drive when used with the Iomega Jaz Traveller.



Features Include:


* Standard QNX driver


* Utility to low level format Zip cartridges


* Utility to set Zip disk protections: Unlock, Write, R/W w/password.


* License to use one Zip drive with any number of cpus


* Support for Pass Through Printing



* 500Kb/sec transfer rate for bi-directional parallel port


* Supports some EPP ports, providing even faster data transfer


* Drive may be used as a serial output device with QNX's "vol" and/or "pax"

* QNX's "dfs" or "Dosfsys" provide R/W capabilities to DOS disks



Single license unit price $200.00 USD.


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