With Automap, creating and managing networks is QUICK, SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE

Key Benefits
  • Add computers to your network, in the blink of an eye!
  • Just start Automap in your sysinit file to automatically link with all other QNX computers running Automap
  • Supports Ethernet and Arcnet
  • Runs with QNX4 Net 4.20D and latter (16 and 32 bit versions included).
  • Simple installation.
  • Online documentation.
  • Y2K Compliant



Description SKU # Price Price per node
5 nodes auto-5 $75 $15 per node
10 nodes auto-10 $115 $11.5 per node
20 nodes auto-20 $185 $9.25 per node
50 nodes auto-50 $250 $5 per node
unlimited auto-un $350 $3.5 per node (100 nodes)

Volume discounts are available.

Note: Licensing is built into each executable.  Automap only supports the number of nodes specify in the license. 



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